My Story

My journey into woodworking started as a kid. I really didn't like school except for the shop class. Honestly, it was probably the only thing I wanted to learn. After Highschool, I had no idea what to do so my Grandfather knew I liked making things and asked what I needed to start making furniture. I said " I need some tools and a place to work," he said ok no problem you can turn the basement into a workshop, and let's start looking at tool... Learn more

Custom wood pieces

I try to create a range of unique "one of a kind" pieces at Its Just Wood by DC. I can make almost anything in any color and wood species you want. I can work with small and large-scale projects, have years of experience in the industry, and have the mindset that gets results for my clients. I'm available now for whatever unique pieces you have in mind whether its something I have in stock or a piece I need to make and design along side yo... Learn more

Unique One of a Kind Pieces

I usually keep a wide range of pieces in stock and available not only for sale but also as examples of wood species and color variations. I usually have many different styles of small boards and serving trays as well as coaster sets but also large items like epoxy river tables, side tables, desks etc. By having a few large and small pieces available for clients to physically see and touch it makes the decision of colors and shapes and specie... Learn more


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